Wildcards for Keisari Tali Open

During stage 5, (1.3.-8.3.) up to 20% of the players field, with an absolute maximum of 25 spots are being given to registered players by the Tournament Director the way they seems fit. Currently we have 48 persons on waiting list (https://www.pdgaeuroprotour.com/keisari-tali-open-registered-players/), and we have received six wild card applications.

Payment for any assigned wildcards needs to be made before the end of stage 5 (=8.3.). Any wildcards not assigned by that date, will be re-assigned as wildcards to registered players, on a first come, first serve basis.

So to apply wildcard, register to competition and make your application to TD (markus.stigzelius@tallaajat.org). And if you get a confirmed spot, make your payment on time (PayPal preferred) or send proof of payment to EuroPro Tour coordinator (manager@pdgaeuroprotour.com).