Haix Tali Open 2016 winner – Juho Parviainen

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the 12th time. This is the interview with last year champion, Juho Parviainen.


Congratulations for winning Tali Open 2016. For the entire competition you played the last 11 holes bogey free and got an amazing result of -20.Why do you think those last holes were so successful?

Thank you. Back 11 holes really showcase my strengths. Those holes give me a little bit more space to throw, so I can use the throwing lines that suit me the best like putter tee shots and long distance drives.

Name four discs that you used the most during this competition?

Pa-1 resists headwind really well, so it is a trustworthy disc for tee shots and approaches. Omega SS is a very straight flying putter, good for straight line tee shots and also great for different kinds of approaches. Destroyer works well for long straight shots or hyzer tee shots with good glide. Buzzz is good for straight shots that can’t be managed with a putter. Firebird for hyzers and forehands.

The first time you participated in Tali Open was in 2006. This must be one of the most memorable competitions, but what are some other good memories along the way?

During the first years Tali was quite challenging for me. I lived quite far away (In Oulu), so I couldn’t train this particular course that much. My results varied a lot. The most fun memory is from the first year when Jesper Lundmark won. I had more birdies than him, but I finished at place 16. So obviously that means that I got some pretty high numbers from a few holes.

What makes Tali special?

For sure the best thing is Talin Tallaajat Club. They work really hard to maintain the course and are really great people overall. What makes Tali special is that you must really concentrate on your throws; otherwise, you might not do so well, if our mind is somewhere else.

What is your favorite Tali Open hole?

My favorite hole must be Tali Open 9. It is a great hole for everyone, but can be quite challenging to get a 100 meter straight throw.

How does your schedule look like for the year of 2017?

It seems that I will be quite busy with competitions for the weekends from May to October. You can see me at almost all the biggest competitions in Europe. In addition, I will participate in Finnish Pro Tour and a few other competitions.