Course 2016

 Haix Tali Open Course layout 2016


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Local rules – approved by PDGA

Warm up area fence / Hole 1 & 2
To emphasize the importance of keeping the fence in good shape. Anyone who climbs over the fence to pick up their disc in any circumstances, will be disqualified from the competition in that moment. Everyone should use the gate to enter and leave the warm up field.

14 – Drop Zone
If the opening throw is on OB, the next throw will be thrown from the Drop Zone. One stroke penalty applies.  The standard OB rules apply after the opening throw.

Hole 20 – Island
Everything is OB, except the fairway and the green surrounding the basket. NB! There is a special local rule concerning the OB around the green. The throw from the fairway must stop on the green, otherwise the player will continue from the fairway. If the player putts OB after successfully landing on the green, the normal OB rule is applied.

Hole 21 – Buncr Hazard
a) Shots that come to rest in a Buncr Hazard must be rethrown. Rethrows must be taken from the original lie, prior to subsequent play by others in the group. If the marker has been moved, an approximate lie should be used.
b) Throws that land in the Buncr hazard count towards the player’s score. But unlike OB, there is no extra penalty throw.
c) The lines bounding the Buncr Hazard are part of the hazard.
d) The Buncr Hazard rule applies even after the disc has come to rest on the island or green.
e) The player may not retrieve the originally thrown disc prior to the rethrow, except in the case of a putt from with 10 meters. Where a disc is retrieved in violation of this rule, a one-throw penalty shall be imposed without warning.