Nasty conditions and falling way behind the leader didn’t stop Matias Söderström from winning

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the tenth time. To celebrate the occasion we spoke with previous winners.


Tali Open was won 2014 by a player with a home court advantage: Matias Söderström lives in Espoo close to Tali. Rated over a thousand, “Matu” is starting his eight competitive season.

What comes to mind first about Tali Open last year?
“During the final day the weather was horrible: temperature like ten degrees below previous days’ temperature, windy and pouring. In tough conditions the swings are big. At the start I had the lead, but after like seven holes I was four strokes behind Pasi Koivu, who’s absolutely the top player in Finland. I still managed to win by focusing on my own game.”

What’s your favourite Tali hole?
“I’d say the first hole, because it’s multidimensional. It’s a pretty short par five, but there are many elements, and you can play it in multiple ways. It compares favourably with any hole in the world.”

Name five discs in your bag that you use the most.
“This year I joined the Prodigy team, so I throw Prodigy plastic. My putter is a PA3 in 350G plastic. Main driver is a D2 in 400G plastic. There’s fairway driver F5 in 400, mids M4 and M3 in 400 and 400G plastics.”

How do you train?
“I train four to seven times a week. During the winter I might train only four times a week, but the training is pretty wearing, driving hard to a net. During summertime I can go training seven times a week, but then I take it easier, putting more and throwing more approach shots.”

What’s the advice you hope you would have gotten when picking up the sport?
“I should have found this sport earlier! But I think the advice would have been to start competing right away. It took me two years to start. Competing develops a player so much.”

– Juhani Saarinen