Trailing in the last round? No problem for McBeast

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the tenth time. To celebrate the occasion we spoke with previous winners.


This guy needs no introductions. Paul McBeth has been arguably the best player in disc golf for the past two years. Paul is the reigning three time world champ and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Paul took this year’s first Major title with a win in Aussie Open. He also won Tali Open in 2011.

You won Tali Open in 2011. What do you remember of the tourney?

”There was severe rain. The course itself, the mixture of holes, the crowds. I believe until the final day and the final nine I was trailing.”

What tourneys will you play outside the United States in 2015?

”This year I’ll play in Aussie Open and in the two Majors in Europe in Sweden and Finland. Of tournaments outside the US my favourite is European Open in Finland. There are big crowds, and the course is like a real golf course.”

What five discs you use the most?

”I have six Destroyers that I use for any kind of distance shots. Roc3s for upshots, McPro Aviars for putting, Teebirds that fly from straight to understable, and Thunderbirds that are on the stable side.” [Editor’s note: this interview was made before Paul’s bag was stolen in the Memorial.]

When will a Finnish player win one of the biggest tournaments?

”That won’t take too long, because there are players like Pasi Koivu, Jussi Meresmaa, and Jalle Stoor. Players start young and develop. It won’t take long.”

How much do you practice? How much of practice does it take to reach the top of disc golf?

”It takes years and years of practice. For me on a tournament week I might play 60 hours, but usually I practice at least 30 hours a week.”

– Juhani Saarinen