Tali Open 2012 champ had the ultimate hot streak

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the tenth time. To celebrate the occasion we spoke with previous winners.


Tali Open 2012 marks the highlight of Antti Heikkilä’s career. Antti, who lives in Tampere, scored better than players such as Timo Pursio and Miko Fyhr.

Tell me about the tournament.

“I was quite a suonenveto, a hot streak. I had been injured and forced to take a year off because I broke my knee. I just went playing, not trying too much. During the last half of the final round I started to think I might even win, and we were tied with Markus Pohjolainen before the last hole. Markus’ tee shot was about 14 meters from the basket, and I was a meter or two closer. Sinking that putt is what I remember of that tournament.”

What’s your favourite hole in Tali?

“Perhaps hole one. It’s long, narrow, and you have to throw a placement shot and even another one after that. It’s not a hole where you can just fire away.”

How has the sport changed in the last few years?

“There are a lot more players and a lot more courses. There’s a lot more publicity – European Open was shown live on TV. Media exposure might be the biggest change.“

Name five discs you use the most.

“My putter is a D-line P1. For approaches I use an Aurora MS and a DX Gator. For distance I use a Star Destroyer and for controls shots a C-line TD.”

What’s your favourite moment in your disc golf career?

“There are many, but winning Tali Open has got to be it. Then there’s winning doubles’ national title with Marko Jokimäki in Heinola in sudden death. It was almost pitch black, and we were shown with flashlights where to throw.”

– Juhani Saarinen