Tali hole one might not be a joy to play – unless you throw the best shot of your career

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the tenth time. To celebrate the occasion we spoke with previous winners.


In 2009 Tali Open was won by the man with the monster forehand shot, Ville Piippo. He’s one of the most successful players to come from Finland: he’s won a European championship in both Open and Masters divisions. Ville lives in Helsinki near Tali.

You won Tali Open in 2009. What are the best memories from that tournament?

“I remember teeing the first hole with a magical shot, and I also remember the tee shot on the sixth. Those were two of the best shots of my career. I won the top three players in the world at the time: Avery Jenkins won Worlds that year, Nate Doss had also won it, and Jesper Lundmark, all time top player from Europe, had won Tali Open every time he had participated. It might be my biggest win.“

What’s your favourite Tali hole?

“The first one. It’s very challenging. It’s not a joy to play, but if you succeed, it’s rewarding.”

What does your tourney calendar look like this year?

“I’ll play in Eurotour competitions and Majors in Nokia and . I’ll play in two competitions on ball golf courses. On Eurotour I’ll play in Masters division, but on Finnish nationals I’ll probably play in Open, because I’ve won Masters two years in a row.”

Name five discs in your bag that you use the most.

“The drivers I use the most are a Champion Boss and a Star Max. For approaches I use a Zone in ESP plastic and a Pro Rhyno. I’m putting with a Prodigy PA1.”

How do you train disc golf?

“Nowadays I play weeklies all year round and tour courses with friends. I’m a bit lazy to do field work. Previously I’ve thrown javelin and played baseball, and I’m still hooked on sports, so I go to gym almost every day, running and doing track and field type of training. I stretch a lot. Physical training helps to stay focused while playing disc golf.”

– Juhani Saarinen