In 25 years everything’s changed in disc golf – but Timo Pursio still wins titles

The stage is set for crowning Tali Open champions for the tenth time. To celebrate the occasion we spoke with previous winners.


Timo Pursio won back-to-back Tali Open titles in 2007 and 2008. Timo is one of the sport’s Finnish legends. He’s been winning titles for more than two decades.

What do you remember of your Tali Open titles?

“I think it was 2008 when we had a very good duel with a rising star from Helsinki, Jalle Stoor. We were a stroke apart until the back nine of the last round. I think that on hole 7 of the current layout I took a two and Jalle took a four, and that was the turning point. I think it was one his best tourneys, and now you can see where he’s at.”

What’s your favourite Tali hole?

“It’s hole 10, where you throw from a pit uphill to a basket in the middle of pine trees. I haven’t played a hole like that anywhere else. With an awesome tee shot you can score a birdie, but even a good shot can go out of bounds.”

You started playing in 1987. What has changed?

“Equipment looks the same but they’ve changed tremendously. Courses have changed even more: holes might be three times as long, and they’re more difficult. Disc golf is more of a sport now. Back then in Finland everybody in the sport knew everyone, and we pretty much even knew the Swedish players.”

What’s your favourite moment in your disc golf career?

“In 1990 we were in Sweden playing for two weeks with a friend. I played tournaments in Stockholm and in Helsingborg, and I won Helsingborg Open after a three man sudden death. I got a big confidence boost.”

What five discs you use the most?

“A Destroyer, probably in Pro plastic, an Omega in basic Super Soft plastic, an Aurora MS for short game, and a Champion Teebird. Fifth would be a Roadrunner for rollers.”

– Juhani Saarinen