Win at the very last hole Seppo Paju, the European Champion 2014, won 10 th Tali Open in 2015 in windy conditions.


Win at the very last hole

Seppo Paju, the European Champion 2014, won Tali Open in 2015 in windy conditions. Paju started the last hole of the third round tied with Christian Sandström, held his cool – and  snatched the title.

What comes to mind first about Tali Open?

Tali Open was my first PDGA tournament in 2008, so it obviously gives me good vibes. I have to play this tournament every year. Every year I’m also wondering why the OB lines have to be so tight. That’s pretty much only thing I don’t like about Tali Open.

Name five discs in your bag that you use the most.

My go to disc is usually the M3, and this year it’s probably gonna be in 350g plastic. I also throw a lot of putters, so 350g PA3 is gonna be in use a lot. Other discs would be 750 H1, 400g D1 and 750 F5.

How has the sport changed in the last few years?

More players, more courses, more spectators, more tournaments, more better tournaments. Also, way more competition between disc manufactures and other disc golf companies. I think that grows the sport really fast.

What do you like especially in Tali? What’s your favorite hole?

Trickiness – the course is very unique and I like it. From standard  layout I like the hole 6 (TO #8) in the long position. It’s a great challenge of accuracy and distance.

Which tourneys will you play in 2016?

I will play the whole EuroTour, whole World Tour and the whole Finnish Pro Tour, along with the Memorial Championships in February, Finnish Championships and European Championships.

What’s the advice you hope someone had given you when picking up the sport?

Practice putt.

– Tiina Lehtinen